Popular Girl Scout cookie sales go digital

The Girl Scout cookie program has decided to open its doors to the online world.

Even with the new changes, customers can still support their local Girl Scout Troop by choosing their favorite cookies online, and purchasing them.

According to CNN, girl scouts are now using an app called Digital Cookie, which connects the buyer with a troop to support.

They also offer another app called Cookie Finder. This app will direct buyers to the nearest cookie booth, which can be found outside many market places.

“The program is not available in central Ohio yet, just in other parts of the country,” said Grace Floring, who has been a girl scout for ten years.

Floring’s Troop has actually decided not to sell cookies this year.

“Our troop has a healthy bank account at this time,” Floring said. “We are able to focus on other things.”

Selling cookies can affect the experience girls get out of Girl Scouts and can bring unnecessary stress.

“When I was younger, there was always pressure to hit some ridiculous number like 1000 boxes to win a special prize,” Floring said, “I remember they offered a wii gaming system one time. I would never get that far, and [I felt] disappointed.”

Cookies sales may teach girls valuable skills, but can also bring disappointment to them. This pushes parents to help with the sales.

“I do most of the cookie sales,” said Kim Young, mother of two girl scouts “I ask friends and family and I post on [facebook] and on school e-mail. They are allowed to walk around our neighborhood and ask people, but I go with them”.

On the plus side, the addition of the online cookie shopping option will secure the safety of many young girl scouts, but the fact remains that many parents don’t want their kid to be talking to strangers.

So many kids will be selling cookies to the same people even with the online option that there might not even difference in cookie profits.

Along with the new online option, girl scouts are also starting to offer gluten free cookies. According to CNN, Three cookies are being added including,  Toffee-tastic,Trios and Rah-Rah Raisins.

Young, with one of her girls having celiac disease says that she will be buying the Toffee-tastic for her daughter, which are the only gluten free cookies available in our region.

In the end, Girl Scouts will continue to find new ways to improve their cookie marketing and customer base to meet the needs of the 21st century.


Columbus Zoo meets Kamina and loses baby polar bears

The staff at the Columbus Zoo is attempting to maintain full composure as they experience new challenges and changes to kickoff the new year.

During the last week of December, the zoo welcomed baby gorilla, Kimna, with open arms and genuine care. Kimna was born August 16 at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden and was hand-reared after her mother refused to take care of her. At the beginning of September, Kamina was sent to the Cincinnati Zoo.

It was at the Cincinnati Zoo that the human surrogates began to teacher Kimna to behave like any other gorilla by using low grunting sounds to soothe her and coughing sounds to discourage bad behavior.

Kimna was placed with two other gorillas who did not bond with her very well. This was when The Gorilla Species Survival Plan group, a group made up of representatives of zoos nationwide, asked the Columbus Zoo to take Kimna in. She moved in during the last week of December, antsy to see if she would be able to find a new family.

Luckily for little Kimna, three female gorillas have shown interest in her. This group is led by Macombo, who was also raised by a surrogate mother. Moreover, the ultimate goal is to find Kimna a mother. When it becomes clear which female in Macombo’s group is the best match, the zookeepers will move her in with Kimna.

Since none of the female gorillas are lactating, zookeepers will feed Kimna with baby bottles through the mesh after she finds a surrogate mother. The surrogate will feed Kimna with pieces of food, protect her from group squabbles and drama, and teacher her to act and behave like a gorilla.

Zoo visitors can now pay Kimna a visit everyday from noon-2pm in the gorilla enclosure. With the addition of Kimna, the Columbus Zoo is now home to 17 gorillas.

While the zoo stuff continues to awe over baby Kimna, some are also trying to keep their heads held high over the deaths of the first polar bear cubs born at the Columbus Zoo in twenty-six years.

According to Columbus Zoo spokeswoman, Patty Peters, the mother, Aurora, delivered the first cub at 5 a.m. on Saturday, December 20. It appeared that the first cub was stillborn. The second cub, born two hours later, was alive but died the following afternoon. The cause of the deaths has yet to be identified.

Seven-year-old Aurora has been holed up in a special birthing den that is soundproofed and dark except for red lights that let zookeepers monitor her with built-in cameras.

Polar bears have been born at the zoo twice, in 1984 and again in 1988. In 1994, the zoo closed the polar-bear exhibit, but the bears returned to the zoo in 2010 when Polar Frontier opened. Polar bear populations have been diminished by disappearing sea ice, and about 20,000- 25,000 are left in the wild today.


7-year-old loses entire family in plane crash

According to CNN and the Huffington Post, Sailor Gutzler, a seven year old girl  trekked 3 miles of woods to reach help for her severely injured family when their aircraft crashed near Paducah, Kentucky.

At the end of those three miles Gutzler came to the home of Larry Wilkins who then called 911. Gutzler was then treated at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky, and was released a few days later to a relative.

“I was shocked to hear that this young girl was able to find her way through the woods to find help,” said Junior McKenzie Confer, “the fear would have pushed my adrenaline to keep walking and such, but I’m sixteen. Even to me it would seem so surreal. She’s only seven”.

Sailor and her family were flying from from Key West, Florida to their home in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

The family contacted air traffic controllers claiming that they were having engine problems and would be heading towards Kentucky Dam State Airport, shortly after all contact was lost with the plane.

“I would be heart broken. My little sister is in a lot of ways my rock,” said Kathleen Duffy referring to her twelve year old sister Mary Grace Duffy, “Just imagining that she would have to go through such a devastating experience breaks me because she’s one of my favorite people in the world.”

Along those deceased in the plane crash are Sailor’s parents Marty Gutzler, 48; Kimberly Gutzler, 46; and Sailor’s 9-year-old sister, Piper Gutzler, as well as her cousin, 14-year-old Sierra Wilder.

“I can’t even imagine what the passengers were thinking,”Confer said. “If I was on the the plane and even a minor issue was announced, I would be going crazy.”

According to the Huffington Post, Gutzler is going to be fine. It’s best for people to be aware that things like this can happen, and that in times of tragedy communities need to stick together.


Border crisis red flags government to take action

Keeping Americans safe and out of war are some of the top priorities for the government. As of this past year, the border patrol is one of the biggest agencies in our government and has the largest level of technology and equipment.

The government has faced many cutbacks, but even still Congress and the Executive Branch decided to develop Border Patrol. According to Homeland Security, the Border Patrol has a budget of about $3.5 billion.

“As far as the most recent immigration reform is concerned, this is an issue that demands attention,” said Gregory White, a government teacher. “Illegal immigration is an issue that touches of the lives of many, this issue can serve as a positive, while also creating a huge disservice to others.”

The changes in  security and patrol have been significant. The new improvements to fencing include the number of patrol agents, primary fencing, secondary fencing and vehicle fencing. According to Homeland Security, in 2000 the total amount of fencing was 77 miles, now it reaches 700 miles across the southwest border.

Other advances have been made in border lighting, underground sensors, and mobile video surveillance. According to an interview with the secretary of Homeland Security, the Border Patrol  has about 23,000 personnel and 20,833 agents who work at the border.

“More than the large number of people and equipment, I have a high regard for today’s Border Patrol,” said Jeh Johnson secretary of homeland security, during an interview with DHS Press Office  on October 9th 2014. “Over the hot summer I observed the Border Patrol and it’s leadership take on the unprecedented number of kids and families crossing the border in south Texas.”

During the summer, President Barack Obama made a statement ordering his team to make executive actions by the end of the summer. People were concerned because Obama has suggested taking action without permission from Congress.

“The President became frustrated with lack of action by the Legislature, so he decided he would use [his executive privileges] to enact a change,” White said. “There is currently a push by the Republican controlled legislative branch to overturn the President’s recent Immigration reform.”

Aside from the huge improvements and development, during the summer of 2014 the Border Patrol had to handle an increase of immigration. A large percentage of the immigrants came acrossed the Rio Grande Valley; the low water made it easy for children and families to cross. Many of these people came from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

There were large numbers of unaccompanied children as well as adults. This is typically normal, but the difference was a lot of these kids and families expected to be apprehended after they crossed the Rio Grande. The Border Patrol responded to this there were processing centers that opened across the border that would handle the immigration.

In May 2014, according the the U.S Border Patrol, about 10,580 unaccompanied children passed the border. The rest of the year the numbers were high, but began to decrease. By the end of the year the immigrants totaled 68,434.

“The worst is over for now, the president and I are committed to building an even more secure border.” Said Johnson during an interview with DHS Press Office. “The spike in migration we saw could return,”

The reason for all of this migration is because of the poverty and violence happening in many other countries. This is a huge push factor for people to want to leave their country and go to the U.S which seems like a more stable economy and safe place.

Illegal Immigration can have a big impact on the national economy and government of the United States. Illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, and take potential jobs from tax paying citizens or legal immigrants.

“However, what we have seen in practice is that many of the jobs that illegal immigrants are willing to perform, are not jobs that tax paying citizens are striving to do,” White said. “Many of these jobs are labor intensive and carry long hours, neither of which many Americans are excited to endure.”

The increase in migration was a red flag to the government. The return of children and families could happen this summer, but whether or not the government is ready is another matter. Only time will tell what happens to the future trespassers at the Southern border.


New classes provide students opportunity

Hayes is in the midst of scheduling and it is important to consider all options before committing to classes.

Teachers and administration have worked hard to give students the most innovative school environment possible. For next year, there are going to be many new courses available to students.

“We’re looking to offer college credit courses,” said Jennifer Pollard, the counseling department chair. “That’s going to be a big push for us in the next several years. For us to offer more and more classes that have college credit with them.”

Next year, the current PSEO and Dual Enrollment courses will now be called College Credit Plus. Although they both offer college credit, AP and College Credit Plus are very different.

“They are definitely in competition with each other,” Pollard said. “The state is really pushing College Credit Plus for students who plan to enroll in public institutions in the state of Ohio and don’t intend on going out of state. AP is a national curriculum. It is very rigorous, very college preparatory.”

When coming up with new courses, college credit is not the only thing administration considers.

“When we are looking for new courses, we are looking at what students need,” Pollard said. “Where do we have gaps in our curriculum that these courses could help fulfill?”

These curriculum gaps have occurred in many subject areas, including math, English, science, history and elective courses. Next year, students will more educational opportunities offered in these subjects.

“I think there was definitely a need for…some other [science] electives,” said Pollard. “Science is ever changing… Materials and Engineering is a new course that is being offered. This is an emerging field even for adults in the working world right now, so I think… we need to also prepare students for careers in that field.”

Excursions in math, a new College Credit Plus course, is being added for students who are not necessarily strong in this subject.

“Excursions in math is replacing FST,” Pollard said. “We really had a need for students that were not… strong math students… That’s kind of like a liberal arts math that will kind of fill that need.”

In order to make these changes for next year, some teachers need to prepare over the summer.

“AP Psychology is [a course] that Mrs. McGrew offers for next year,” Pollard said. “She will have to go through AP training and get AP certified this summer. So she will have to go to… a couple days or a week session to get trained in order to teach that course.”

During this certification process, Caitlin McGrew is going to learn from other AP teachers.

“I am beginning to plan out the curriculum by looking at the resources that College Board has established for us to see, what other AP teachers are doing and have done and have posted on the College Board website,” McGrew said. “I’m going to go to a summer institute that the College Board hosts and sometimes they’re run by professors or AP teachers and they kind of just get you ready to teach AP [classes].”

McGrew is very excited about this new course available to students. She believes AP Psychology will be beneficial for any student who wants to learn more about the topic.

“I’m really passionate about psychology and I’m really excited to meet some new students and have like a year long course as an elective with upperclassmen about a topic that I love,” McGrew said. “What else could I want?”

With all of these new courses available, it can become overwhelming for students to select their classes for next year.

“[Student should] have conversations with their parents, have conversations with their school counselors, have conversations with their current teachers about their concerns during academic options,” Pollard said. “This year teachers have google docs and they are recommending every single one of their students for courses for next year… Hopefully that relieves a little bit of stress because they already know what their teachers are telling them they should sign up for and then we, of course, will be available whenever we do the actual scheduling to answer questions and… try to help them through that process.”


AFJROTC program develops character

Of the many clubs and activities at Hayes, one of the most visible, but continuously overlooked, is the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, or simply JROTC.

“The [ROTC] program now numbers almost 900 units worldwide,” Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Russ Anible said. “Of the original 20 the air force activated in 1966, ten are still active, which makes us one of the ten oldest units in the world, in the program. We’re very proud of that; and, of course, we want to be around for years to come. In two years we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.”

The JROTC is not just for those interested in a military profession. It is funded, in portion, by the Air Force, which is why students (called cadets) wear the blue military uniform once a week. While next year, first year cadets are allowed the choice of wearing the uniform, they will still be held to military grooming standards and wear an Air Force t-shirt once a week. Second through fourth year cadets must wear the uniform.

“The charter given to us by Congress was to develop citizens of good character. That’s what we’re all about,” Anible said. “Truth be told, the majority of our graduating seniors do not enter any of the armed services, which is fine with us because that’s not what the program’s primary goal is.”

Despite its limited military involvement, some members of JROTC do desire a career in the armed forces.

“[JROTC] teaches me really good leadership qualities for the future,” senior Andrew Kennedy, the JROTC Corps Commander, said. “I [also] want to pursue a career in the military, so I feel like this is best for me.”

The JROTC program covers a variety of topics. The classes taught emphasise developing public speaking skills, effective communication skills, practical skills such as personal finance, and other topics people need as they transition into adulthood. The main academic program for this year is “the science of flight,” with emphasis upon the physiology of flight and the things that happen to the body when subjected to high altitudes.

“Each year is a little different. We are tweaking our curriculum a little bit this year,” Anible said. “We have the freedom to [change the course] given the fact that it’s an elective course, we have a wealth of materials, and we’re able to change it out time to time, keep it fresh.”

The main emphasis of the JROTC program is to build the character of its cadets and make each member the best citizen that they can be.

“I’ve seen people that were bad in school go from bad to really good. It actually does help, more than people think,” Kennedy said. “It teaches us things for the future that normal classes really don’t.”

There are also many other opportunities for extracurricular activities revolving around JROTC. These skills range from volunteer work to drill team, color guard to air rifle marksmanship.

“I believe that the real fun, and to a large degree the real value of the program, lies in extracurricular voluntary participation,” Anible said. “The ones who really get into it, who really get into the volunteer extracurricular aspect of it, those are the ones that appear to have the most fun; they appear to derive the most benefit from the program, maturity, confidence, team building, leadership skills, and that’s really what the program is all about.”

Along with the color guard that presents the flag before each home football game and during some assemblies, one of the most recognized programs from JROTC is the drill team.

“The drill team is voluntary, but the drill team, for those who join it, is a lot of fun and develops a lot of great teamwork skills, the same as any athletic event,” Anible said. “The beautiful thing about drill is that you don’t have to be strong or fast or tall or muscular or anything like that to excel. you just have to be willing to focus, concentrate, practice hard, [and] work hard because it’s all about precision synchronized marching.”

The next drill meet competition will occur on February 14th. It will include at least ten teams from all over central and southwest Ohio as well as a team from Pennsylvania. This will be the 12th annual drill meet held at Hayes.

Although the JROTC program works hard, they also like to have fun. While those that join the Air Rifle Marksmanship Program, color guard, or drill team enjoy their time in it, they are participate in a variety of field trips, picnics, parades, and banquets.

“I think it’s closer than any club here… you spend all four years together,” Kennedy said. “That’s probably the best thing, just having everybody around you.”

Whether interested in pursuing a military career or simply wanting to become a better citizen or leader, the AFJROTC program is available for not just Hayes students, but also students of Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley, Olentangy, Olentangy Liberty, and Olentangy Orange High Schools.

“Cadets… come back a year or two later and they will tell us that the citizenship and leadership and teambuilding skills they learned in our program applied anywhere,” Anible said. “It applied in college, it applied in civilian career, and when we hear that, we know we’re accomplishing our mission.”


To upgrade or not to upgrade: New consoles prompt discussion among gamers

Every couple of years, a new version of an old console comes out to replace the console that is current for the year. Eventually, the current generation console will become the old old gen., and the next generation console replaces the previous current generation console as current.

This year will be just like the past years when new consoles were released. Since its release in 2005, the Xbox 360 has been one of the biggest entertainment consoles along with the Playstation 3, which was released in late 2006.

From their release in 2005-2006, the Xbox 360 and PS3 had slew of popular game titles, such as several “Call of Duty” titles, “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Far Cry 3,” and others, along with the hype for future games in development. But last year, the announcement was made for the next generation of consoles: the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 (PS4).

Many people were excited for the launch of the Xbox One and PS4, especially with all the new, next gen console specific titles that would continue a couple of game series. While the game titles excited the kids, the prices scared parents all over.

The prices, while different in numbers, were still high compared to consoles of past generations. The consoles that are considered the current generation for the time, the Xbox 360 and the PS3, were con- siderably lower compared the next generation of consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4.

The Xbox 360 started at around $300 dol- lars as the standard version compared to the 2GigaByte (GB) version that also came with wireless controller, a headset, and a remote to access multimedia; the Xbox One started at around $500, but later dropped a few times to the current price which is about $350.

“They [Microsoft] are trying to compete with PS4,” said Thomas Runyon, a staff member at Gameplay Unlimited. “PS4 started at $400, so they figured if they threw in a game and dropped the price, they would sell more.”

The PS3 started at around $500 for the version with the smaller storage space of 20 GB compared to the $600 60GB version; the PS4 started at around $400, beating out the Xbox One’s starting price of $500, and has not changed since release.

“PS4 has been out selling Xbox One quite a bit,” Runyon said, “especially in Japan. Right now [in the US] it’s still PS4. Normally it’s Xbox [because] it’s an American system.”

Later, though, the price of the Xbox One dropped to $400 including a kinect motion sensor, and more recently, the price dropped again to $350 game bundles for “Assassins Creed” and “Sunset Overdrive” running at about $350, with the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” bundle running at $450.

With the prices being lower compared to the starting price, they are still high for who had trouble coming up for the money for the previous console. While the price may make it seem like it’s not worth the money to upgrade, consider the design specification for the next gen. consoles.

The current generation consoles do noth- ing beyond what anyone could expect. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS4 did nothing spec- tacular beyond their capabilities to play games and movies. With the reveal of the Xbox One and the PS4, the capabilities of consoles changed.

Both of the next gen consoles brought something new to the table of gaming console capabilities, with advancements in both the field of entertainment.

According to Engadget.com, the PS4 and the Xbox One have similar specs. Both con- soles have 500 GB internal hard drive that can be removed, two USB ports, 8 GB of system RAM, and can both format in 1080p and 720p.

The PS4 also formats in 2160p for Ultra High Defini- tion TV (UHDTV) and 1080i, which is a higher quality version of 1080p.

One difference that gives the Xbox One the advantage over the PS4 is that a person is allowed to multitask. Along with the ability to activate with voice commands, a person is able to watch TV while still playing their game.

The one downside that is sending many console lovers into a rage is something that has kept the games of the past alive. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 are not backwards compatible. In other words, players are unable to play any games made for past consoles on current generation consoles.

Whatever your choice is, whether you choose to upgrade to the next

generation and move on with the advances in gaming technology, or you choose to stay with the current console you have and play all the games that you love, it is solely your choice.

Just remember, in a few more years, there will be a new console that will replace the con- sole that is defined as current generation, and the cycle will start again.

Day in the Life of: Laura Olson

The office is one crazy volcano that is always ex- ploding with questions and needy kids. Those who work in the office handle the needs of the school and answers any questions someone may have.

I spent the whole day with Laura Olson, the attendance secretary in the office. She has her own room in the office where the money used to be handled.

Olson deals with the atten- dance of the school. This includes all students who come and go throughout the day, including tardies.

“I give too many lates and tar- dies per day,” Olson said.

As I was sitting with her throughout the day, she took quite a few calls from parents calling in for their kid. She would get so many phone calls in a row, absence after absence, phone call after phone call.

On her computer, she fills out why students were absent so they are properly recorded.

When kids come in late, some of them bring a note. I saw that she would file all the notes after she was done marking them in her computer.

The day I was with her, a bus was late because of icy weather. It was very chaotic. She was signing passes for lots of tardy kids.

Despite the busyness, Olson likes to keep her office organized. She has papers filed in folders and her desk isn’t in a clutter.

Olson knows so many students by heart. She doesn’t have to ask their name or anything, which just shows how close she is to the students.

I know I would get tired of sitting in a chair, writing passes for students who are late. Olson, though, is patient with her job.

She does this everyday for eight hours. I would personally not be able to do that.

During the very busy parts of the morning, history teacher Caitlin Mcgrew helps her with all the kids that pour into school late.

“Have you ever just felt so busy, you just don’t know where to start?” she said. “That’s how I feel.”

Besides the fact that she works in her office almost the whole day, she loves talking to the other workers in the office.

Olson is close with the other women in the office. She has a good time with them and they all laugh together.

While I was spending my day with her, I noticed she works on the computer a lot. I saw this is where she fills out why the student is absent.

“My favorite part of my job is when I get to build the relationships with the students,” Olson said.

“I don’t really have a ‘least’ favorite part of my job [but] I don’t like how it gets stressful,” she said.

Signing passes for all the kids that come to her can get over-whelming but she loves how chaotic it get.

Near the middle of the day, I noticed her office is not as busy. Less and less people start to come in. It’s more “peaceful.”

As the day came to an end, the attendance office picked up a little more. I saw that many parents arrive to get their kids for appoint-ments or other end of the day commitments.

Since days in the office are so hectic, the women who work there also try to take time to enjoy their jobs. “We also like to have fun on Fridays,”

When Friday comes every week, they try to plan something fun. They laugh, sing, joke around, and anything to make their day bright.

“Go ahead and laugh at us, we don’t mind,” Olson said.

The attendance office is way more than what the sign says. Ol- son doesn’t get a lot of credit from the student body, but she does do a lot for us.

Banks is a dark shadow of other artists

Scrolling through iTunes one week, I came across the single of the week. iTunes does this cool thing where each Tuesday they have a single of the week where they offer a free song. Usually the songs are for nobody artists that are on the path to becoming big.

One week, a new female artist, Banks, was featured as the single of the week with her song, “Beggin For Thread.” At first listening to her, I got a darker version of Lana Del Rey (if that was even possible). So I downloaded it and continued to listen to it more and more.

With each time I had played it, I started to really listen to her. Not only did I get a darker version of Lana Del Ray, but I also got a darker version of Marina and the Diamonds. Her music is alternative pop like Lana and Marina, who I have always been a fan of.

Then a few short months later I started seeing her name on social media sites and hearing “Beggin For Thread” on the radio. I then started to wonder how she got big.

Doing some research for this article, I learned that she owes some of her fame to her celebrity friend, Lily Col- lins. Lily Collins has starred in The Mortal Instruments, Stuck in Love, and Love Rosie.

At the age of 15, Banks taught herself to play the piano through a childhood friend to help her cope with her parents’ divorce.

Later on, she started putting her songs on SoundCloud, a site for people to upload, record, promote and share their originally created sounds. She used SoundCloud before securing her record deal.

Her first single, “Before I Ever Met You,” came out in 2013. Later on in the year her EP, “London” was released. Throughout 2013 she had been nominated for “Brand New Nominee” and came in third place for “Sound of 2014.” She also had been named Artist to Watch from several news sources.

Banks recently toured internationally with The Weeknd, an R&B and hiphop singer. After the tour was over she had announced her own tour where she would be the headliner in the United Kingdom. She has also performed at Coachella, a music festival that takes place in California with many artists from all different genres of music.

Most of Banks’ music is deep and has a slower beat to it. It’s music to listen to on a rainy or snowy day. I highly recommend this new rising artist.

Stay clear of toxic relationships

Toxic relationships are seen in movies, books and daily life, but most don’t realize that relationships between family and friends can be just as toxic.

According to CORA (Community Over- coming Relationship Abuse), relationships can be divided into three different areas: healthy, unhealthy and abusive.

There is a huge difference between a relation- ship that is unhealthy and an abusive relationship. A unhealthy relationship can include a lack of communication, pressuring the other into sexual activ- ity and taking control to the point that everything is focused on them getting their way.

However, an abusive relationship takes an unhealthy relationship to the next step and hurts the other by taking control of everything, but neither is okay.

These unhealthy and abusive relationships can be between parents, friends or significant others, but no matter who these relationships are with, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Before anyone gets involved with an unhealthy relationship there are signs to look out for to keep safe.

According to the Psych Central, the first step to getting out of a toxic relationship is addressing the situation and according to the Huffington Post, there are four early sign of a toxic relationship. They have ex baggage, they’re a control freak, they lie about anything, and they are physically dominant.

If another’s significant other needs consoling over their past relationships, then they are not truly ready to be in a relationship with anyone and will most likely lead to heart break.

The Huffington Post said “Any time you feel that you are a puppet whose strings are being tugged on, it’s time to look seriously at the relationship.”

Next, if someone is lying about small things, there is no stopping them from lying from important matters as well breaking the trust between the two.

Lastly, small signs of grabbing or touching someone in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable are not okay and are signs that an abusive relationship can grow.

Toxic relationships hazardous to people’s health, so try to look out for signs of an unhealthy relationships and stop them from being a hazard.

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The voice of Delaware Hayes High School students