Collin’s Column: College athletes should remain unpaid

Collin Wittig • Sports Editor

With the recent news of Johnny Manziel autographing memorabilia in exchange for money, the topic of players getting paid is being discussed now more than ever. The argument is that schools profit off of their football players through the sale of tickets and jerseys while the players get nothing in return.

College football players should not be paid simply because they are already getting paid in the way of a free education. The average cost per year to go to a public school is close to $20,000 and the average cost to go to a private school is close to $35,000. After going to school for four years, a student-athlete is looking at anywhere from $80,000-$140,000 for just their education alone. How much do most student-athletes have to pay? Not a single penny.

Athletes also get privileges over regular collegestudents. Some of these privileges include better housing, more money on their food plan, free tutoring, and first choice on what classes they want to take. That in itself is a form of payment.

Along with all of those privileges, most college football players receive a stipend, or fixed payment, of around $1000. This money can be used on anything from gas money, to clothes, to rent. Honestly, I feel like that money should cover almost all personal expenses, as long as that player doesn’t go overboard on his spending.

Players also get compensation in the form of gear and other clothing. Players get team-issued outfits that include multiple shirts, pants, and shorts. They also receive other items like socks, shoes, hats, and backpacks. Along with clothes, many players receive electronics like iPads, laptops, and headphones issued to them by their school. These clothing items are top-of-the-line brands like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour.  All of it for free.

Athletes get things that other college students don’t such as having full medical and travel expenses covered. College athletes get to travel a lot more than other college students. Traveling to new schools for away games would be a cool opportunity that not many get the chance to experience. Players also get to travel to other places for postseason bowl games. It has to be awesome to be able to go to Florida or California for a week in the middle of winter.

Having good medical care is also something that some people outside of college don’t even have.

The payment of college athletes is a topic that divides both fans and non-fans. It is something that will be highly debated in the upcoming months and the outcome could potentially change the face of college athletics in a huge way.