Girls’ golf never forms; players join JV

In the spring of last year, there was interest in forming a girls’ golf team. However, due to the lack of players, Hayes is without a girls’ team this season.

“We had eight kids at one point,” Coach Steve Lehman said. However, two of the potential players were ineligible, another suffered an injury to the shoulder, and some just decided to come out for the team two weeks before the season started.

With a majority of the players absent from early team practices, the roster was down to only three golfers: McKenzie Confer, Bailey Hager, and Cecilia “CC” Bargar. Because four players are required to form a team, ethe school could not grant the girls team status. Hager and Bargar now play on the boy’s team.

For some it’s disappointing that the team didn’t form. “I was kind of disappointed because it’s fun to play with girls,” Bargar said, “ but also I wasn’t disappointed because playing with the boys is more challenging.”

Having a girls’ team would provide the girls that are interested in the sport with an easy  way to compete and sharpen their skills as players. “It would be kind of cool to have a girls’ team,” Confer said. “Maybe it would encourage other girls to join the golf team.”

Even without a team, it hasn’t stopped some of the girls from continuing to pursue the sport. “The past years I’ve played with the boys,” Bargar said. “But right now I’m kind of playing individually with another girl who is on our team.” Bargar has played in three OCC matches and continues to pursue the sport.

Although the girl’s team didn’t form this year, there is hope for the inception of a team in the near future. “We’ve got three girls this year and I know of at least three girls at the middle school,” Lehman said. “So currently there’s six and you only need four.” So in the next few years, Hayes might finally be on par and have itself a girls’ golf team.