Six Freshman Earn Varsity Positions

(compiled by Sammi Piroska)

Alicia Rittenour: Cross Country

“I love the feeling. All the nerves in your body gearing up and the feeling of accomplishment after the race.”

Keiona Houser: Volleyball

“I love playing volleyball because it’s a lot of fun. You get to learn some things, work as a team and also make some friends.”

Megan Rumbalski: Cross Country

“Your blood is pumping and you can’t feel your legs, but when you cross the finish line, none of that matters.”

Emily Mathias: Soccer

“I love playing soccer because it makes me feel so good about myself and it never fails to clear my head.”

Chloe Vessels: Soccer

“Soccer has always been something that I could turn too during a rough time and I [am] in love with the feeling of the entire sport.”

Justin Hernan: Soccer

“I like to run because it is my passion. I’ve always wanted to be a state champion.”