Fan madness: football fanatics reach a whole new level

Student section at the Hayes vs. Buckeye Valley game goes nuts during the game.

Jen Foreman • Layout Editor

Football is the most televised sport in the United States. Given the intense nature of the sport, it’s no wonder that football fans share that intensity off the field.

There is continuous coverage of sporting events. “A mixture of high school, college, and NFL creates excitement year around,” said Tom Watts, head football coach at Ohio Wesleyan.

In a small town like Delaware, high school football games are what brings the community together. That is not all football can do; it can bring the student body together to create school spirit. Rivalry games are a big deal and everyone comes out to support their team.

Football for some is a way to get out their aggression. That’s the case for Gaige Linville, a senior on the varsity football team. Linville has played since he was little and loves to play the game. Linville explains that most fans that don’t play, he “plays” for them.

“They live through watching [football] wishing that they could play,” Linville said.

Linville started off loving football and that won’t ever change. He explains that not only does he have the passion for football, but it helps him with getting his stress out. Football is an aggressive game and that is one aspect of it that Linville likes.

“There are so many moving parts that have to work as one, which makes it the ultimate team game,” Watts said.

That doesn’t just mean on the field but also off the field. Team bonding is a huge key as well being able to work together on the field during games. Going to team dinners, bowling, and participating in community service builds trust and brotherhood.

Colleges are actually taking team bonding to a whole new level. Midnight Football is increasing throughout all colleges. Midnight Football is when the whole team steps on the field for their first practice at midnight. Then they sleep over at the school to bond even more.

All of these roles work together to make football more than just a sport. It’s a sport that has become the new American pasttime, one in which everyone is getting involved – not just the players.  ϖ