Bands You’ve Never Heard Of – ‘No Looking Back’ for Hey Marseilles

Meg Ayscue • Business Manager

For those who like rock, pop, alternative, or indie music, they’ll love Hey Marseilles.

This band of six members from Seattle began in 2006 and has since released two albums called To Travels & Trunks and their most recent, Lines We Trace. They use a variety of instruments for different effects in their music; from the normal drums, guitar and piano to cello, viola, trumpet, and mandolin.

The group released their first record independently; that is to say, without a label. This is unlike most bands modern bands, as it is much easier to sell music with a label than without.

The group was first created by lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Bishop, and guitar/mandolin player Nick Ward.

This past year the band went on a cross-country tour, and they’re still traveling. They’ve stopped in almost every state to play music from their new album as well as from their first, playing in coffee shops to Lollapalooza, and everything inbetween. This helped their popularity to jump over the past few months as more people began to listen to their music.

Those interested can find out more about them, listen to music their music, and find out tour dates on their website (, facebook, instagram, youtube, and twitter (@heymarseilles). ϖ