Pop-star Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t stop’ and shouldn’t have to

Miley Cyrus beat Lady Gaga in most shocking performance this year at the MTV Video Music Awards.

People were expecting Gaga to come out in wicked outfits and have a crazy show but they weren’t expecting Cyrus’ profane performance.

Viewers might think that Gaga would be in a bad mood about not astonishing the world the most, but for her it’s not about shocking people. She just wanted to be strong, beautiful and powerful. She stated “it’s not a competition” in an interview with The Guardian.

During Gaga’s performance at the VMA’s, she was changing in and out of outfits, some of which were not at all modest. Katy Perry was in a sports bra and boxers, with back up dancers in bikinis.

Gaga and Perry have had past performances where they wore little to no clothing at all. Their dances aren’t always clean either.

So what makes Miley different? It doesn’t make sense that she gets so much more hate from viewers. Cyrus is known for her childhood career as an actress and a singer, Hannah Montana. People like me have known her to be a role model.

She used to write music to make girls feel like they fit in. She would write songs about love and relationships for the younger-aged girls. This is nowhere near the music she makes now. “We Can’t Stop”, “Wrecking Ball”, and “Love Money Party” are some of the songs she has on her new album Bangerz which was released October 4th.

Her song “We Can’t Stop”, she sings about being at a party, doing what she wants with no rules and how she’s “‘bout that life” now.

She was engaged to Liam Hemsworth and had her life on track. Her life all turned around though. She cut off her hair, she and Liam broke their engagement and she’s all about parties now.

Viewers are upset that this role model isn’t continuing to be a role model anymore.

Other performers such as Madonna and Britney Spears are known to write “sexy” music and have some vulgar dance moves in their performances. But Cyrus isn’t known for that type of music.

Miley Cyrus is different than these other performers because she was known for her childhood career. Gaga, Perry, Madonna and Spears are known for this type of music because they started as woman already and they don’t have a reputation as a role model to younger girls.

They’re expected to have crazy performances, vulgar dance moves and lyrics. But for Cyrus it’s different.

Cyrus has come a long way in her career with music and acting. Starting out as Hannah Montana, a young teen role model and now she’s turned into a woman who parties and wants to show off her bad girl side.

There is no reason why Miley Cyrus should be hated for her new kind of music and videos, this is who she is now.