Staff Editorial: schedule changes impress

With the new school year, a new schedule has been implemented.  Students have hit the ground running and adjusted quickly, but since then the new schedule has been modified even more.

In the original new schedule, students in the first wave of buses had only a few minutes to get out to their bus before the buses took off.  This only wreaked havoc on all who had to catch a bus.

Overall the new schedule is good for students, as it allows them to take more classes and have time for more study halls. This is especially useful for AP students, who used to be forced to sacrifice electives in order to take double-block lab classes.

The day also moves quickly since the class periods are shorter. Teachers can no longer complain about the periods being uneven lengths.  Now even lunch period classes are 45 minutes long.

There are however a few issues with the new schedule. School this year starts five minutes earlier. Although this doesn’t seem like much, in the morning five minutes makes a world of a difference and it would be nice to have that time back.

The modified new schedule also warrants some complaints. The most important of these is the four-minute passing period.

Our hallways are already overflowing and it’s often impossible to force one’s way through the gridlock. Teachers are right when they say some students are late to class because they simply dawdle in the halls, but the last minute of this passing time is solely responsible for many people’s tardies.

Another complaint is that the schedule printed on the agenda is now pointless and confusing. Some students received a sticker with the new schedule to place over the old one, but not everyone has these.

One great thing about the modified version is that school now gets out at the old time of 2:30 PM instead of 2:35 PM like at the beginning of the year.  This gives more time for the students trying to get out to the buses and is just a nice bonus for students that walk or drive.

Overall the new schedule is favorable with its offering of more periods that gives students power to utilize and improve their high school experience.  There are a few bugs to work out, but there’s plenty of time for them to make a schedule that’s better for everyone.