What Your Halloween Costume Says About You


So creativity isn’t really your thing. That’s okay – the world always needs more witches and princesses. But if you think you can just wear a sheet and be a ghost, think again. That does not count. If you want candy, put in more effort.


You take the ‘trick’ part of trick-or-treat very seriously. Props to you, as these often end up being some of the best and most detailed costumes out there. But you should consider that they can be so realistic that everyone’s too freaked out to hang out with you. Or maybe I’m the only one hiding in my bedroom in terror.


You may look hot but don’t blame us if you get pneumonia. October is cold, people! Consider wearing a sweatshirt over those fishnets.


This is sort of the catch-all category. If you’re wearing balloons or anything involving a cardboard box you probably belong here. While this shows immense creativity, don’t be offended if no one understands what you’re supposed to be. And make sure your outfit fits through the doorway.

Character from Book/Show/Movie

You’re the greatest person ever. No, seriously. You win.

(Compiled by Lily Wiest)