OPA! Worth a celebratory cheer

Tara Grace • Editor in Chief

We could sit here and debate whether gyro is pronounced “guy-row” or “eur-o” but the one thing we should all agree on is that OPA’s gyros are out of this world.

Fair gyros can’t compete with these. The grease and dry meat aren’t a match for the tender, flavor-filled gyro at OPA.

Now don’t get me wrong, they don’t just serve gyros but salads, pastas, soups and sandwiches, as well.

Their food made me just want to scream “OPA!” because it was packed with a ton of juicy meat, and drenched in yummy-filled garlic sauce.

They also offer options that blew me away. You can have french fries, fair fries, or chips.

Their fair fries, sprinkled with vinegar of course, would put the grease-filled fair fries to shame.  They also offer a garlic sauce with their fries that give your taste buds a wonderful surprise.

Just be careful of the extra cost, but it’s totally worth it.

The only downfall I saw was that the staff did not forewarn me about the extra cost for fries added to a gyro, and the added cost of extra sauce, which caused a surprise when I got the bill.

The staff is lovely. They don’t treat you like just another customer, but as a friend. They converse with you about your day, and give recommendations on their favorite things on the menu.

The small place has posters of movies, such as Scarface, and signs hung up all around the restaurant making it seem informal and giving the place a laidback feeling. This created a friendly environment, because it didn’t seem too stuffy orfancy.

Overall, I would give this restaurant four and a half stars. They made me feel special and welcomed as well as supplied me with yummy food to have me so full I was rolling out the door. Just a forewarning on the pricing would be awesome, then this place is set for the Food Network to make a stop. ϖ