Right vs. left brain argument continues

I’ve always considered myself right brained. For those of you who don’t know that term, let me elaborate. If you are one of the two sides, then you are a type of thinker. If you’re more left brained, you are analytical and prefer logic. Those who are considered right brained are more artistic and focus on their intuition. Each side of the brain deals with problem solving differently.

Right brainers see things holistically, meaning the see situations in a big picture. Left brainers see situations strategically, piece by piece. Right brainers move randomly from task to task. Left brainers deal with things in sequences.

I’ve never been a math and science centered person and I have struggled every year with at least one subject, whether it be math or science. Last year was the year that tested my resilience when I made the terrible decision to take Chemistry. Something I discovered that year: teachers don’t always understand the right/left brain argument. I spent the entirety of last year with everyone telling me: “It’ll click eventually” or giving me that sad, pitying look they gave me instinctively after I said how awful I was at Chemistry.

Let me tell you, there is no stronger blow to your self-esteem when you’re doing terribly at something and no matter how hard you work at it, nothing changes. Last year I lost sight of the fact that even though I was bad at being analytical and logical, I’m actually pretty good at some other things. I like art, I may not be awesome at it, but I paint a pretty good sumi-e fox and throw a super rad plate on the potter’s wheel.

I guess my reason for writing this piece was to point out that not everyone has the same strengths, and not everyone has the same weaknesses, before some right brained loser makes you feel bad because you can’t do chemistry conversions or you don’t know anything about unit circles, remind him that you could probably beat him in a singing contest.