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The Talisman is production of the student body and therefore has a responsibility to reflect student, school, and community affairs. We also provide an open forum for the opinions of the Delaware Hayes High School student body, the Talisman staff, the faculty, the school and district administration, and people in the community.  The purpose of the forum is to encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of importance and significance to the readers.


Why Join Talisman? 

Being a part of the Talisman gives students the opportunity to creatively and constructively express and showcase their interests in writing, photography, design, and much more while complying to all the aspects of journalism. Students will explore the behind the scenes making of a newspaper and be able to take accountability and pride in their own work.

Prior Review

The Talisman has been designated as an open forum for student expression by the Delaware City Schools Board of Education.  As such, student staff members are responsible for the final decisions regarding all newspaper content.  Content will not be reviewed or restrained by school officials prior to publication or production. Hayes administrators have a non-review role; they may not control content prior to publication, although they may offer advice on sensitive issues and will offer criticisms that are warranted following publication.


The Talisman

Adviser: Mrs. Julieanne McClain


The voice of Delaware Hayes High School students